We are a group of scientists interested in using the nematode C. elegans to understand biology.

Participating Labs:

Anna Allen

Micheal Beer

Orna Cohen-Fix

Ann Corsi

Antonio DelCastillo-Olivares

Harb Dhillon

David Eisenman

Andy Golden

Eric Haag

Iqbal Hamza

John Hanover

Antony Jose

John Kim

Michael Krause

Mervyn Monteiro

Kevin O'Connell

Damien O'Halloran

Geraldine Seydoux

Diane Shakes

Hari Shroff

Harold Smith

Robert Sprando

Bruce Vogel

Jiou Wang

Where we meet:

We meet at BS004 in the Biological Sciences Building at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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Upcoming Meetings: All meetings begin at 9.00 am with food by provided by speakers.


Aug 19th 2016: Tetsu Fukushige (Krause Lab) & Alex Paix (Seydoux Lab)

Sep 2nd 2016: No Worm Club (Labor Day Weekend)

Sep 16th 2016: Monique Johnson (Nelson Lab) & Nicole Devaul (O'Connell Lab)

Sep 30th 2016: Margarita Correa Mendez (Eisenmann Lab) & Snusha Ravikumar (Jose Lab)

Oct 14th 2016: Jarrett Smith (Seydoux Lab) and Jyoti Iyer (O'Connell Lab)

Oct 28th 2016: Kate Harwood (Hanover Lab) & Mohammad Rahman (Cohen-Fix Lab)

Nov 11th 2016: Da Yin (Haag Lab) & Pravrutha Raman (Jose Lab)

Nov 25th 2016: No Worm Club (Thanksgiving break)

Dec 9th 2016: Prabhu Sankaralingam (O'Connell Lab) & Christine Condo (Hamza Lab)


Past Meetings

Postdoc Positions Available!

Announcements (By Andy Golden)

Geraldine Seydoux elected to the National Academy

Celebrating Geraldine's election to NAS with dinner at Ranazul. Seated [from left, clockwise]: Anna Allen, Eric Haag, Kevin O'Connell, Orna Cohen-Fix, Iqbal Hamza, Andy Golden, Bruce Vogel, Antony Jose, John Hanover, Harold Smith, Mike Krause, Geraldine Seydoux, Matthew Buechner. The night featured Guitar playing by Eric and an amazing rendition of Ella Fitzgerald's Summertime by Harold.

Hari Shroff wins award from President Obama for his work towards "Google Worm"!

Offer on WormLab software for tracking worms!