Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics
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Chair: Andrews
Associate Chair: Chang

The faculty members of the department are part of BISI graduate program. The department also offers a large number of courses to undergraduates, and the faculty are involved in undergraduate advising and training in the College of Chemical & Life Sciences' Biological Sciences Program. At the undergraduate level, the faculty play the leading role in the college in the management of three areas of emphasis within the Biological Sciences Program: Microbiology, Plant Biology, and Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics. 

The department has benefited from a major expansion during the last several years as a result of recruitment of new faculty members. In addition, the unit has undergone a major expansion as a result of a new hires and reorganization in the college. As part of its Strategic Plan, the College of Chemical & Life Sciences realignment has reconfigured some units on the basis of disciplinary norms and approaches used in investigating major questions in biology as opposed to the former divisions of departments according to organisms.

The result of the new hire has been the creation of a strong department, whose faculty interests and contribution span broad complementary disciplines. The teaching and research spaces occupy most of three buildings, the Microbiology Building, HJ Patterson Hall and new Biosciences Research Building. The department has strong research nuclei in molecular biology, cell biology, prokaryotic biology, immunology and virology, molecular and developmental genetics, pathogenic microbiology, plant biology, and molecular evolution.

UMD :: 1109 Microbiology Bldg. College Park, MD 20742.
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