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We the graduate students of the CBMG department feel that we are
too disparate and have therefore decided to form an organization
dedicated to bringing us together in a social and scientific

Article I:
Our organization will be responsible for inviting and receiving
approximately two speakers to the department each year.
Article II:
Our organization will be responsible for planning and
implementing approximately two social events among the graduate students
each year.

Article III:
Our organization will be responsible for working with the
University representatives in order to implement articles 1 and 2.

Article IV:
Our organization will meet with the graduate student body once
every two months in a socio-scientific gathering. (Food and 15 minute
talk about what someone is doing)

Article V:
Our organization will consist of a malleable structure, but
start with:
a) 1 senior graduate student as president.
· meets with faculty
· lead meeting
b) 2 graduate students as vice presidents, of which one must be