Dan Butts, Ph.D.

Previous Academic Positions:

1990-1994  Oberlin College, B.A. in Physics and Mathematics

1995-2000  University of California, Berkeley: Ph.D. in Physics, Advisor: Daniel Rokhsar

2001-2004  Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School, PI: Carla Shatz

2005-2006  Postdoctoral Fellow in Engineering, Harvard University, PI: Garrett Stanley

2007-2008  Research Faculty at Institute of Computational Biomedicine, Weill Medical College of Cornell University

2009-          Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park

CV  Publications

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

Program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience

Office: BRB 1118

Tel: (301) 405-9890

Lab: BRB 1207

Tel: (301) 405-1588