Enrichment Culture ~ Honors Project--Spring 2003

Enrichment Culture is defined by Thomas Brock in the textbook Brock, Biology of Microorganisms, as "Use of selective culture media and incubation conditions to isolate microorganisms directly from nature."  Thomas Brock is responsible for isolating Thermus aquaticus from hot springs in Yellowstone Park.  From Thermus aquaticus scientists isolated the Taq polymerase which is used in Polymerase Chain Reaction.


Choosing a project: This is a group project and students in the group will work together in lab and on required research and writings. The Honors project has five  phases: Instructions  for Data Presentation:

Researchers present their work to colleagues in a variety of formats.

  • For this assignment, your work will be presented through  a virtual poster session and an oral presentation of the on-line poster.
  • In addition,  you  will provide a product appropriate for dissemination:

  •         A lab manual-type protocol that will outline the steps to enrich for  and isolate your organism.

    The Poster~

    The Poster will give the HIGHLIGHTS of your project.

                Sections should be written in second person and in past tense.  You are presenting what you have done.
                Refer to a research article in Science. The Oral Presentation of Poster~ The Final Protocol~ Web Presentation~