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General Microbiology Honors

Virtual Poster Sessions
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Spring 2006 Power Point Presentations
Sarah Akkoush and Sao-Mai Nguyen-Mau
Jennifer L. Stanley and Gabrielle F. Clodomir
Jim Abshire and Maggie Crenshaw
Catherine Gannon and Hamidat Segunmaru
Fall 2001 Poster Session

Enrichment  of Erwinia chrysanthemi by Hassan Mohamed and Justin Edwards

Isolation of Streptococcus thermophilus by Sarah Anderson and Lindsay McCann

Isolation of a Bacteriophage by  Katie Bittner, Amanda Stevens and Chris Wohn

Vibrio fisheri:  Bioluminescent bacteria by Cynthia Chang and Ayesha Delaney-Brumsey

Isolation of Lactobacillus collinoides by Elke Chen and Joshua Lieberman

Isolation of Antibiotic producing Streptomyces by Charna Coren and Ashley Osborne

Isolation of Streptomyces from the soil by Jofan Erfan and Natalie Dye

Isolation of Bacillus thuringiensis by Dan Gozhansky and Sarah Levine  please view in Internet Explorer

Starch degrading bacteria:  Trial and Error by Ralph Lebron and Katie Schneider

Enrichment and Isolation of Oil-degrading Pseudomonas by Long Nguyendo and Joyce Sanchez

Gluconobacter on Apple and Grape skin by Harshita Satija, Sarah Richardson and Olivia Yu

Fall 2000 Poster Session--

Isolation of Vibrio fischeri~ Nathaniel Cunningham and Mike Tatusov

Isolation of Lactobacillus ~ Jessica Willis and Nonyem Nwankwo

Isolation of Vibrio ~Meghan Burke and Christina Adaniel

Isolation of Salt tolerant organism~ Kari Linstrom, Allison Kirk, and Tom Hindsley

Isolation of Acetobacter ~ Emily Ashcraft, Sara Condron,  and Payman Farsaii

Isolation of Streptococcus lactis ~ Soroush Rais-Bahrami and Esteban Carrizosa

Isolation of Bdellovibrio~ Manish Pant and Neeraj Verma

Isolation of Pseudomonas ~ Brian Snyder and Tal Davidson

Isolation of Bacillus~ Anna Burrows, Christine Black and Howard Grahm--

Isolation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ~ Megan Corey, Courtney Stetor and Hetal Rami

Isolation of Streptomyces~ Alsace-Lorraine Gallop and Allison Mormon---

Fall 1999 Poster Session

The Participants

Isolation and Characterization of Lactobacillus by  Rebecca Riklin and Michelle DeGrange

Streptomyces by Anoma Nellore and Fasika Woreta

Isolation of pigment producing Pseudomonas through enrichment culture by Jill Ricker and Elissa Davenport

Cyanobacteria: the green wonders of the world by Rob Sherman, Marina Nikhinson and Solmaz Elmi

Isolation and Characterization of Brochothrix by Grace Han and Jennifer Lee

Name that Bacillus by Raymond Cheong and Christina Toms

Fall 1998 Poster Session

Isolation of Bdellovibrio  by Howard Chang and Jessica Excelbert

Isolation and Characterization of Cytophaga  by Jeremy Edwards and Jermey Michalke

The Myxobacteria by Mahesh Tawney and Paul Johnson

Streptomyces by Raha Ashrafi and Tina Hodges

Spirochaeta by Justin Burton and Chai Woodham

Vibrio fisheri   Neehar Parikh and Julia Musiker


Spring 1998 Poster Session

The Participants

Isolation and Characterization of Amylase Producing Organisms by Nina Choi and Debra Pinkston

Azotobacter by Linda Cerniglia and Melissa Loh

Streptomyces by Murat Gurtan and Robert Chen

Isolation and Identification of  Cytophaga allerginae From Freshwater by Joanne Neukirchen and Mira Shiloach

 Luminescent Bacteria by Neal Motonaga and Gregory Becoat


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