M I C R O B I O L O G Y   A T   M A R Y L A N D

General Microbiology Honors

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General Honors students and other students who seek permission of the course instructor, have the opportunity to enroll in General Microbiology Honors.

How is BSCI 223H similar to BSCI 223?

How is BSCI 223H different from BSCI 223?
  Take a look at the Lab Syllabus to see our schedule for this semester.
Students will spend the first five labs learning basic techniques in microbiology.  Once mastered, students will apply this new knowledge to one or two long term endeavors. Examples of long term projects include: Each semester, BSCI 223H students are expected to complete a project that will benefit the BSCI 223 course on whole.  Examples in past semesters

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